Be a Dealer!

If you are accepted as an Authorized Dealer, you will make 10% on every sale you make, including Self Purchases, and others that become Dealers. Simply Register and pay a One-Time Fee of $239.00 with your application.

As an Authorized Dealer, ALL SALES you process and ALL OTHER SALES that identify you as the referral will earn you 10%. All commissions are paid weekly.

Please deliver signed copy of the (below) Independent Dealer Agreement, along with payment of $239.00 payable to "KILVER" emailed to, or mail to:
    KILVER c/o
    700 S. Raymond Ave, Suite D
    Fullerton, CA 92831

      ( U.S. Postal Mail Only )


Sample CoinCard Commissions
Independent Dealer Agreement subject to Acceptance or Rejection.

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